CBC e-Branch Development

Your website is not just a website anymore.

Your e-Branch is your busiest and most accessible branch. Your bank's e-Branch is open for business 24/7 and it connects with people everywhere, anywhere, any time. It connects with people at home, work, college, the park, the airport, the Caribbean, the lake, etc. It speaks for you.

Does it tell your target audience how great your bank is? Does it leave doubt?

Website users directly relate the quality of a bank with the quality of the bank's website. Your e-Branch must be comfortable, usable, and inviting. It must be findable, searchable, and updatable. On top of that it needs to be your best customer service rep, best loan originator, and best networker.

If your e-Branch is going to represent your bank 168 hours a week, it must make the right impact. Make your busiest branch your best branch.

We build e-Branches.

CBC will:

  • Work with you to achieve the best outcome.
  • Be responsive to your needs.
  • Communicate effectively to you.
  • Take professional pride in the creation of your e-Branch.
  • Use all of our experience and expertise to exceed your expectations.

CBC can promise this about your new e-Branch:

  • Your design will be creative, well branded and as esthetically pleasing as any bank website.
  • The navigation will be easy to use for many different types of users and skill levels.
  • Your marketing messages and salesmanship will be creative, persuasive and relevant to your target audiences.
  • Your e-Branch will be carefully constructed using the latest programming languages and techniques.
  • Your e-Branch will be W3C compliant and compliant to banking regulations.
  • Your e-branch will be very searchable by search engines.
  • You will be able to update content using our content management tool.
  • Your e-Branch will work with your current internet banking product.
  • You will have Google website analytics to track your web traffic.
  • You will have Google site search to allow your customers to easily search for what they want.
  • Your e-Branch will be relevant for several years.
  • Your customers will appreciate and use the site more.
  • Your prospects will recognize that you are a quality bank and take the next step in their buying process.
  • Your competitors will be trying to catch up.

If you want to talk to us about an e-Branch for your community bank, contact us at:

Paul Elder 614-848-3189 ext 121 or email Paul
Larry Krietemeyer 614-848-3189 ext 143 or email Larry